Schedule (tentative)

2nd International Conference

River Health: Assessment to Restoration (RHAR-2021)

Talks of the Tributaries : Rivers Varuna and Assi in the Middle Ganga Basin

Detailed Program of RHAR 2021

Day 2: 23.10.2021 (Saturday)

First Session: 10.00 AM -1.30 PM: Data and knowledge sharing on the river Assi

Session1.1: 10.00: 11.30: Keynote Addresses. Application of advance technologies in challenging conditions

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Welcome and Brief about the session: Prof. PK Singh, IIT (BHU)

Session Chair: Prof. Hadas Mamane, Tel-Aviv University

Co- Chair : Prof. Md. Jawed, IITG

Theme: Social and Environmental Objectives: Ensuring environmental flow and bathing water quality near Sankat Mochan ghat of river Assi near Varanasi

  • · 10.00- 10.10: Introduction about the session, Social and Environmental objectives- PK Singh, IIT (BHU)

  • · 10.10- 10.25: Prof. Kwang-Guk AN/Dr. Usman Atique, South Korea- Fishes as the indicator of river health

  • · 10.25-10.40: Prof. Hadas Mamane, Tel-Aviv University, Israel-Application of Biocapsules in contaminant removal.

  • · 10.40- 10.55: Prof. Rajesh Seth- University of Windsor, Canada- Advanced Oxidation Processes

  • · 10.55- 11.10: Prof Shiv Prasher, McGill University, Canada- Application of Biochar in river water quality improvements.

  • · 11.10- 11.25: Prof. Sanjukta Patra, IITG- Application of enzymes in river water quality improvements.

  • · 11.25-11.30: Discussion and Concluding Remarks.

Summary Report: Prof. Md. Jawed, IITG- Technology options for river Assi.

Session 1.2: 11.30- 01.30 PM: Three Discussion Groups in Parallel Session; Group A: Hydro-geology, Group B: Environmental Technology Team and Group C: Social and Administrative Works Team.

Group A: Hydro-geology

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Theme: Defining the Challenges and Possible Options in river Assi Parallel Sessions

Session Chair: Prof. CSP Ojha, IITR.

Co- Chair: Prof. KNP Raju, BHU

  • · Prof. KNP Raju, BHU- Geological perspectives of rivers Assi and Varuna

  • · Prof. Ramakar Jha- E flow estimation for river Assi and Varuna.

  • · Prof. U K Chaudhary, IIT BHU- Revival of hydrodynamics of river Assi and Varuna.

  • · Dr Medha Jha, IIT BHU- Geohydrology of river Assi catchment.

  • · Dr Mansee B. Bhargava - Visions for hydrological revival of river Assi.

  • · Dr. A.K. Dwivedi, Irrigation – Possibilities of flow augmentation of river Assi through pump canal system from river Ganga. .

  • · Prof. CSP Ojha/ Mrs. Anjali- Rejuvenating River Assi.

Discussion and Recommendations

Summary Report: Dr. Mansee B. Bhargava/ Dr. Medha Jha

Group B: Environmental Technology Team.

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Session Chair: Prof. Raghav Verma, IIT Mumbai

Co- Chair: Prof. Nadeem Khalil, AMU

Defining the Challenges:

  • · Dr. Manu Bhatnagar, INTACH, Delhi- River water quality challenges in river Assi

  • · Dr. A.K. Vidyarthi, CPCB- Recent initiatives Pollution load reduction

  • · Er. Ram Balak Singh, CPCB, Lucknow

  • · Er. Kalika Singh, UPPCB, Varanasi- River water quality challenges in river Assi.

Technological Options

  • · Prof. HS Shankar, IITB- Nala tapping and local treatment options.

  • · Prof. Raghav Verma, IIT Mumbai- Application of an advanced instrumental system for pollution reduction in river Assi near Varanasi.

  • Prof. AK Keshri, IIT Delhi- Re-aeration in degraded rivers.

  • · Dr. Atya Kapley, CSIR-NEERI- In situ nala treatment (RENEU)

  • · Prof. Nadeem Khalil, AMU- Options of health restoration of river Assi near the city.

  • · Prof. PK Singh/ Mrs. Ria Ranjan Srivastava, IIT (BHU) - Options for reuse of reclaimed water in the river Assi catchment near Varanasi.

  • · Dr. Suresh Babu- Wetlands development planning for health restoration river Assi.

  • Prof. AK Keshri, IIT Delhi- Re-aeration in degraded rivers.

Identification of sites including ponds in river Assi catchments for Bio remediation/ phytoremediation of contaminants:

  • · Prof. UN Rai, CSIR-NBRI, Lucknow

  • · Prof. AS Raghubanshi, IESD, BHU

  • · Prof. Kavita Sah, IESD, BHU

  • · Dr. V.K. Mishra, IESD, BHU

  • · Dr Prashant Singh, BHU

Summary Report: Prof. UN Rai/ Prof. Naddem Khalil

Group C: Social and Administrative Works Team

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Session Chair: Shri R.N Singh, IPS

Co- Chair: Shri Yogendra Giri, Shanti Kunj, Hardwar

Objective: To develop a public bathing ghat near Sankat Mochan Bridge on river Assi

  • · Shri R.N Singh, IPS - Social mobilization for river Assi health restoration.

  • · Prof. Rana P.B. Singh, BHU- Cultural perspectives of river Assi and Varuna.

  • · Prof. PK Mishra, VC, Jharkhand Technical University- Social cooperation for health restoration of river Assi.

  • · Dr Anurag Ohri, IIT BHU- Spatial decisions to restore river Assi.

  • · Shri Alok Shukla, CII State Head- Role of Private Sector in Industrial Management.

  • · Shri Yogendra Kumar Giri, Shantikunj Hardwar- Experiences from river restoration works from Madhya Pradesh.

  • · Dr. Bhupendra Singh Bisht- Land use planning for sustainable Resource Development in River Assi.

  • · Dr. Avadhesh Pratap, Water Law Expert- River space restoration.

  • · Dr. Sanjay Rai, Varanasi- Social challenges in restoration of river Assi.

  • · Er. Awadhesh Narayan Singh- Administrative divisions in the Assi catchment and municipal agencies involved.

  • · Er. Ramesh Singh- Water supply and waste water management scenario in river Assi catchment- how to complete water cycle in the catchment.

  • · Dr. Meena Kumari Jangir, Traditional wisdom for river health restoration near city areas.

  • · Shri Atul Jain, Connecting with people for river health restoration.

  • · Dr. Sujith Koonan, Improved environmental sanitation for river health restoration.

Summary: Prof. Rana P.B. Singh, BHU

Second Session: 2.30 PM-5.30 PM: Recommendations and Way Forwards

Session 2.1: (2.30- 3.30 PM)

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Welcome and Brief about the session: Prof. PK Singh, IIT (BHU)

Session Chair: Dr. Prithvish Nag, Ex- Surveyor General of India

Co-Chair: Prof. HS Shankar, IITM

River Varuna

Hydrogeology: Prof. V. Dutta, BBAU

ETT: Dr. Atya Kalpey, CSIR-NEERI, Nagpur

Dr. V.K. Mishra, IESD, BHU

River Assi

Hydrogeology: Prof. CSP Ojha, IITR and Dr Mansee B. Bhargava

ETT: Prof. HS Shankar, IITB and Prof. UN Rai, CSIR, Lucknow

SAW: Shri R.N Singh and Dr. Sanjay Rai

Session 2.2: Way Forwards : RHAR 2023: (3.30- 4.30 PM)

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Session Chair: Prof. V. Tare, IIT Kanpur

Co-Chair: : Dr. Manu Bhatnagar, INTACH

Present status and challenges in tributaries to be focused:

1. River Gomti : Prof. V. Dutta, BBAU, Lucknow

2. River Saryu: Prof. S. Shukla/ Dr. V.K. Chaudhary, RMLAU, Ayodhya

3. River Tapti: Prof. Govind Pandey, MMMTU Gorakhpur

4. River Ramganga: Dr. Suresh Kumar, IIT Kanpur

5. River Hindon: Dr. Manu Bhatnagar, INTACH/ Dr. V. Shinde, NIUA

Suggestive Cooperation and Action Plans for different organizations for river health restoration in next five years:

1. IIT (BHU) and associated technical research institutions

2. cGanga

3. MJS



6. Department of Irrigation, UP

7. Municipal Corporation, Varanasi

8. WRG 2030/ World Bank/ Other Financial Institutions

Valedictory Session

Vote of Thanks: Prof. PK Singh, Convener, RHAR 2021.